Tainah De Pauli – A Woman of Tomorrow

Tainah De Pauli

I am a firmer believer that personal growth happens intentionally, not occasionally and being a Woman of Tomorrow starts with actually caring about tomorrow.

Life flies by and it’s impossible to achieve our full potential if we are not fully committed to our self-development.

I have always been a dreamer but what has really impacted my journey so far has been learning how to translate my big dreams into a solid strategic framework.

Every year I go through my personal planning season and set goals across eleven categories. We are used to setting goals and objectives at work, but the reality is the lines between work and personal life are so blurred that what we do outside of work has a massive impact on our overall success. My goals are very specific, from investment targets, to who I should be spending time with, even down to the vitamins I should be taking every day. It may sound a bit overwhelming to start with but imagine driving without knowing your destination? How do you get there if you don’t know where ‘there’ is? Without focus it is very easy to end up just wasting time and energy.

I also create a theme for each year to help me make wiser choices and identify any areas where I may need to compromise. Being able to make conscious decisions about my progress has been extremely rewarding and has enabled me to achieve great things like studying and working in four different countries and setting up and successfully selling two businesses.

I’ve learnt however that I can’t control everything and if something changes along the way I just need to tweak my plans. Goals are tools to focus our energy in positive directions, these can be changed and edited as our priorities change.

The most important thing is to be committed to the process and not to the goal itself.

Let’s say your goal is to get promoted in one year, committing to the promotion itself is pointless, you will have way more chances of succeeding if you break it down and commit to the journey. One example might be spending two hours every week learning a new skill or getting involved in one different project every month. Be as specific as you can because regardless of the outcome you will be confident that you will have done your very best.

Having a clear purpose and vision keeps me motivated and looking forward to achieving even bigger dreams! If you haven’t yet thought about your life from that perspective I would strongly encourage you to do so.