Social Media Week – In Pursuit Of The Idea: The Marginalisation Of Creativity

Freddie Counsell

In line with Global Social Media Week, MG OMD has been running a week-long series of events in the office showcasing the ever changing social media landscape.  In addition to our own celebrations, we have also been to SMW London at BFI Southbank, attending a variety of talks.  Some of our social team were at the presentation discussing the impact of context, bias and data on ideas; so here is a brief overview of the three key takeaways which when considered, will hopefully help you to great creative!


Does your context limit your work? Even if you don’t think so, chances are it does. Context extends beyond your working environment (your office, desk etc..) and into your cultural sphere. How diverse are the people you immediately surround yourself with? Within this industry most of us have similar attitudes and approaches to our work which can lead to repetitive ideas.

Seek out things which are different. The speakers recommended creating your own ‘Brain Trust’, a group of people to bounce ideas off and give a fresh opinions.


Bias can be hard to overcome, especially with creative ideas. Many initial sparks can be shot down immediately for being too risky, or not being perceived as ‘normal’ by the powers that be. However, if we don’t challenge bias we run the risk of our ideas becoming repetitive and dull.

It can be scary doing things for the first time, especially in social media where it feels like one false move can see your brand castrated. Often truly great ideas require us to stand up, be brave and break down bias which stands in the way.


Be cautious at looking to current trends to fuel your creative ideas. Chances are if you are trying to come up with an idea based on ‘whats hot at the moment’ you will already be too late. Instead look to the fringes. See what small groups of people are talking about and how this relates back to the wider picture.