Emma Bing


It goes without saying that here at MG OMD our people and culture are really important. We continuously ask ourselves, how do we retain and attract happy, motivated people? We want every person to preserve and promote our culture of being progressive, imaginative, inquisitive and brave, all the things we stand for here at MG OMD.

We’ve noticed that in our fast-paced and competitive industry, it’s important to regularly look at and refresh our staff perks and benefits to ensure that these are industry leading and are having a measurable and positive impact on our staff.

With this in mind we developed a ‘Mojo Team’ dedicated to looking after our agency’s Mojo, aka our wellbeing, energy and morale. This team have historically organised nice pick me ups for the agency such as early bank holiday finishes, bacon butties after a company night out, or even smoothies when we are feeling particularly healthy! They now look after an ever growing array of staff perks from Yoga and Pilates classes to our Mojo Library dedicated to various mindfulness and wellbeing books and healthy cookbooks, a nutritionist and a masseuse and even our Mojo Bootcamp, which has just got up and running! (excuse the pun…)

We have realised that in our industry we often forget to stop and give ourselves some TLC. Not rocket science but research proves that not taking a step back and a bit of break is making us unhealthy, tired, less creative, with low energy. Not what we want from a vibrant, dynamic, progressive agency! Wellness and wellbeing are such interesting topics not only in the world of HR/People but across the globe, with people and businesses now putting an emphasis on not only physical but mental health, giving staff the tools to help lead a healthier lifestyle.

Here at MG OMD we pride ourselves on our people and our culture. We are truly so lucky to work with such interesting, creative and fun-loving people. Without them our Mojo Team and all the initiatives wouldn’t have been thought up and met with such enthusiasm! We truly believe that investing in these ‘Mojo’ initiatives helps lead to our happy, motivated agency, one that we wouldn’t be creating industry leading work without.

This area is still ever evolving, so watch this space!