OMD FWD 23.07.18

Abbey Torrance

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of FWD. This week saw many people across the globe going crazy for Amazon Prime Day (buying those devices you didn’t know you needed) as well as Ofcom revealing that the UK is now paying for more subscription-based services than traditional paid TV services.


  • Amazon Prime Day was so popular that the site crashed due to surges in website traffic which goes to show the increase in prime membership year on year
  • Facebook, Google, Twitter and Microsoft are part of the Data Transfer Project
  • UK Print titles unite to challenge duopoly with the launch of the Ozone Project reaching 93.6% of the UK adult online population
  • Hyundai allows users to book a test drive via Amazon Showroom


  • Ofcom published the Media Nations report packed with fascinating media insights such as the UK’s 16-34 year old population watches an average of 59 minutes of YouTube per day on a non-TV device
  • Voice search continues to grow with new figures showing a billion voice search queries a month and over the next five years with smart speaker homes rising from 13% now to 55% of households by 2022
  • WFA report shows brands plan to significantly increase spend with Influencers


  • Google launches Move Mirror an AI that lets you explore pictures by moving around
  • Netflix releases Recomoji, a really engaging way to get recommendations via Facebook messenger using just emojis
  • Chompers, a voice activated Alexa podcast to brush your teeth too, perfect for children and adults
  • KFC livestreamed four hours’ worth of cats climbing on Colonel Saunders and 700,000 people tuned in