OMD FWD 21.05.19

Abbey Torrance

As the internet has been lit up with Game of Thrones spoilers and the famous coffee cup debacle, the build up to the finale did not disappoint and delivered some misplaced plastic bottles – avid viewers were quick to point this out across social media.  Also, this week Google Marketing Live took place with lots of exciting updates for the industry including 10 new marketing products.




  • Instagram has introduced the ‘shop’ feature in its Explore section
  • Twitter is helping to dispel ‘fake news’ on their platform specifically around the anti-vaccination movement by adding a new warning on related searches which redirect users to the US Health Department for official information
  • YouTube is currently testing a ‘bumper generator’ that will save advertisers having to create cut-down edits themselves


  • This New York Times article looks at the US Broadcaster Upfronts with the ambitions for the old and new companies
  • Has GDPR improved the customer experience? Some are not convinced
  • An in depth look into Tik-Tok owners’ ByteDance’s latest foray into chat apps