OMD FWD 18.12.17

Robert Foster

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of OMD FWD, the final one of 2017.  The Christmas lights are flashing, Twitter has voted on the ‘best Christmas song’ and Santa is almost here with the presents.  So here’s 12 well-wrapped, informative gifts from us to you.

Included this week are some robotic journalists, industry predictions for 2018 and Instagram’s new hashtag capabilities.

As ever, please tag and share anything you spot with #OMDFWD. Many thanks for all your support, feedback and comments.  See you in 2018!





And finally, as we look back across 2017, here are the Top 5 OMD FWD articles that you have chosen to view this year.  Clearly you’re a data and insight-hungry bunch.

  1. UK FMCG report
  2. Market report for the UK Retail-Beauty sector
  3. OMD’s ‘Retail Revolution: The Possibilities, Potentials & Pitfalls of Implementing AI
  4. 5 tech trends that will change the world in 2017
  5. Facebook Messenger begins testing ads