OMD FWD 17.09.18

Abbey Torrance

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of FWD. Last week saw the Apple Event revealing not one, not two but three new iPhone’s as well as the new Apple Watch for us to get excited about. It was also the week that L’Oréal announced they are now doing background checks on influencers they partner with, taking brand safety up a notch even though YouTube has said that the conversation around brand safety has moved on.


  • To help make Facebook a nicer place they are building AI which is extracting text from 1 billion images and video frames per day to help get rid of offensive content on the platform
  • YouTube is following suit by bringing vertical ads to the platform for the ultimate mobile experience as well as new updates to YouTube Kids allowing parents more control
  • Instagram is testing tagging users in videos and Twitter now has real time broadcasts from your favourite people at top of the timeline


  • 2019 Digital Trends are being talked about right now – are your brands ready?
  • A big issue for app developers is keeping users engaged, the latest report shows users delete apps on average after a week
  • Research from Hootsuite reports that all businesses (large or small) see social media as an integral form of marketing
  • IPA Touchpoints 2018 has released some interesting stats around users’ views on the media landscape


  • The Weather Channel’s 3-D room depicting Hurricane Florence is epic and went viral on social media
  • Another example of AI, this time Google using it to improve their Android device batteries
  • Snapchat now allows publishers to use user generated content in their stories


If you see anything that you think is worth including for next week’s FWD please use #OMDFWD and we will look to include.