OMD FWD 12.02.18

Matthew Taylor

Good evening FWD readers. Now whether you’re still basking in the drone infested Olympic opening ceremony glory, or in the mood for a Valentine’s day marketing love-in, FWD has you covered…


  • Location based content – Snap announces Snap Maps access for users and non-users
  • Is 2018 the year Facebook finally adds a downvote/dislike function?
  • Who won the Super Bowl? Advertising of course – summaries here, here and from Harvard Business school – here



  • Bald? Ginger? All of the above? Good news, you’re on the Emoji honours list for 2018
  • How Sports Directs investment in eSports means a catered space for gaming in-store
  • With this year’s Disney’s D23 Expo in full swing, we look at how last year’s announcement, Flavor Labs, is shaping up


  • Social or Display? Find out which platform engages the brain more effectively
  • Once derided as an outdated format from the internet dark ages, charting the renaissance of the GIF
  • An interesting overview of the nuances between the web 2.0 and 3.0 (a clue, it’s all about decentralisation)