OMD FWD 09.08.18

Matthew Taylor

Greetings FWD readers,

We do hope you are enjoying the new FWD format. This week Google had to deny it was censoring its search service in china, while ‘the web browser of web browsers’, Firefox, announced a re-brand and wants you do to help them. Stateside, Facebook are continuing to rebut questions about their request for financial information on consumers

On a lighter note, we saw a Saudi Arabian fly to London to become the best official FIFA video gamer in the world, we hope he’s flying back via Heathrow.

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  1. How music (streaming data) and fashion were always for the passion for this clothing retailer
  2. How Amazon will be consolidating its media and advertising products into one neat service
  3. #nofilterneeded – How Meme’s are quickly becoming a powerful tool on Instagram for advertisers
  4. How TAP London is helping the homeless in a cashless society
  5. How Pantene have focussed on the beauty, not the gender


  1. 27% – the estimated growth for the ESports in 2018
  2. $4.5 million – the investment Facebook in a non-profit publisher programme
  3. 47% of consumers are fatigued by repetitive influencers
  4. 100,000 of the 50 million Alexa users who are actually purchasing goods via voice search