OMD FWD 07.05.2019

Katie Maclennan

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of FWD.

Social media was abuzz this week, with memes of a plastic coffee cup in Game of Thrones and photos of celebrities arriving at the Met Gala ball in spectacular fashion.


  • The UK ad market will grow by 5.5% by 2020, with WARC predicting the biggest rise from video on demand
  • Instagram is testing functionality which hides like counts, as a means of reducing pressure on users.
  • The fact checking companies Facebook employs have begun to root out fake photos and memes across Instagram
  • Facebook launches tools to help small businesses
  • Facebook announces a massive redesign across mobile and app, and brings out a new feature which allows you to secretly like a crush among your friends


  • The industry is winning in the fight against bots, as reports show ad fraud is down
  • According to parent company Microsoft, engagement rates across Linked In have increased significantly
  • Adidas utilises Instagram, as it sees online sales increase