MG OMD FWD – 25th June 2019

Abbey Torrance

Cannes Lions 2019 took over the news last week and OMD have some thoughts and highlights here from the festival.

  • Generation Alpha are better at spotting fake news in recent survey
  • Recent analysis shows that the number of actions on Facebook has fallen but the number of users is growing
  • eMarketer releases Q2 2019 Video Trends
  • AI can tell when a photo has been altered or photoshopped
  • Instagram Stories is working on a stop motion tool
  • Someone made a Twitter Adventure Game around being Beyoncé’s assistant and it’s really good
  • Algorithms are being used by UK police officers to flag series of calls that they may miss
  • Facebook currency could threaten democracy
  • When Grown Ups get caught in Teens Airdrop Crossfire
  • When AI learns to make art, will we even understand it?
  • Facebook is expanding its tools to make content moderation less toxic