My Media Apprenticeship

Elizabeth Papadimitriou

Let me tell you how I ended up here…

Initially, university was the plan and although I wanted to learn and broaden my skill set, I soon realised it just wasn’t meant for me. In the meantime, I had begun handling the social media output of a live music promotions collective. This experience meant my passion for marketing really established itself, so I began searching for an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. Dozens of job descriptions later, Manning Gottlieb OMD seemed like the perfect fit so I applied for an interview (which happened to land on my birthday!) It went well and I eventually joined the Regional team who plan and buy media campaigns on a local/regional level; essentially this means we are targeting defined regions of the country as opposed to national targeting. What a gift from me to me!


First day nerves

MG OMD’s Bankside Offices

My first day in the office felt a lot like being back at school – so excited and so nervous all at the same time. Being my first ‘real’ job, I was so intrigued by the MG OMD office: the big open work spaces, all the friendly faces, and the buzzing atmosphere that fills the agency. I spent the first few weeks getting to grips with my job role and attending lots of inductions and training sessions from both internal members of the agency and external media owners who I would eventually be working with. As a regional team of three including myself, I would be working across most of MG OMD’s client list across a scope of media channels both traditional and digital.

 Continuous growth

Since then it has been a steep and valuable learning curve and I’ve made some great friends and memories along the way. Throughout my apprenticeship I have completed some fantastic training courses such as Google Analytics and Dot Native (focusing on SEO and PPC) which has given me insight into areas of the industry I wouldn’t normally deal with as part of my job role. I have also had access to great training programmes like PowerPoint proficiency and workshops for management skills. There are always agency-wide expert talks taking place to ensure the whole agency is kept up-to-date with industry developments. My favourite one to date was a talk about recent tech developments by David Shing (a.k.a. “Shingy”, Oath’s self-proclaimed digital prophet). I thoroughly enjoyed this talk as David’s predictions and views on the growing digital landscape gave me a great insight into the direction media is heading and how brands can take advantage of those environments.

 Looking to the future

My team members are extremely supportive and helpful and have helped me settle into my job role and become more confident in taking initiative with tasks such as re-structuring analysis templates and making suggestions to the client about how to improve results. Over the course of 12 months, I have acquired and improved upon a lot of skills. Time management being a key skill that I’ll be able to use going forward.  This includes setting multiple campaigns simultaneously and reporting on the performance of those campaigns, at the same time as managing budgets and making sure off-line projects are running smoothly. More importantly, through exposure to different medias I’ve been able to create a robust portfolio for my apprenticeship, but also for my CV.

Despite the size of Manning Gottlieb OMD, there is a real sense of community and it really is one big thriving family. There is always something going on around the office which I believe helps keep us stimulated and encourages us to get involved in projects and interact with teams outside of our own. The knowledge I have gained here at MG OMD has equipped me with a range of skill-sets that I need to take on any challenges I may face in the future.

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