Intuit Quickbooks appoint MG OMD as UK media agency

Manning Gottlieb OMD

We are incredibly excited to announce that Intuit QuickBooks, the world’s leading online accounting software, has today announced the appointment of Manning Gottlieb OMD as its UK media agency!

Intuit QuickBooks aims to power prosperity for consumers, small businesses and the self-employed through its ecosystem of innovative financial management solutions. Manning Gottlieb OMD, which won the business in a four-way pitch, will improve customer engagement through best-in-class media strategy and execution.

The appointment comes as Intuit reports strong financial results showing third-quarter revenue (February to April) up 10% with QuickBooks Online subscribers increasing 59% to over 2.2 million.


    At Intuit we’ve built the largest and fastest growing global small business ecosystem on the planet. We partner with the leading agencies in the world to deliver fintech products to our small business, self-employed and accountant customers. Manning Gottlieb OMD blew us away with their forward-thinking strategy, vision and energy and left us in no doubt that we can work together to achieve our goals. We are excited by the partnership and look forward to working together to power prosperity in the UK.”

Dominic Allon, Vice President and Managing Director, Intuit Europe


   Intuit is a dynamic organisation in a leading-edge sector, with clear and ambitious objectives that will realise their enormous potential. We are excited to be their partner on their journey to becoming the hero fintech brand in the UK.”

 Tim Pearson, CEO, Manning Gottlieb, OMD


About Intuit UK

Intuit UK limited is part of Intuit inc., a company committed to powering prosperity for small businesses, accountants and the self-employed through its ecosystem of innovative financial management solutions.

Its flagship products and services include QuickBooks which makes it easier to manage small businesses and tax preparation and filing. QuickBooks Self-Employed provides freelancers and independent contractors with an easy and affordable way to manage their finances and save money at tax time.

Founded in 1983, Intuit serves 42 million customers in North America, Europe, Australia and Brazil, with revenue of $4.7 billion in its fiscal year 2016. The company has approximately 7,900 employees with major offices in the United StatesCanada,  India, Australia and other locations. More information can be found at