IAB Engage 2018 Perspectives – No.2

Lara Hardwick

On Thursday 7th June we attended IAB Engage: a conference that explored how to move forward with digital advertising.

Steve Bartlett proved the power of social media by testing the speed of fake news by launching rumours of the newest footballer in town ‘Rex Secco’, via his plethora of social accounts. Soon people were convinced he not only existed, but they had seen him play. From this, Bartlett showed us how a different type of influencer is emerging; you. Move aside Tanya Burr, smaller influencers are rising through the ranks, with the power of transparency.

After a few chants of ‘I say G, you say D’ and so on, we got on to everyone’s favourite topic. John Stoneman from Triplelift took us through GDPR-maggedon. His positivity was hugely refreshing; showing us how premium publishers adapted and not only survived post D-day (25th May), but thrived, and their impression volumes stayed strong.

We were inspired by the self-professed ‘annoying’ Tom Goodwin, Zenith, whose deadpan comic delivery had us hanging off every word.

He talked about your greatest threat; knowing too much, using Elon Musk as an example. Musk was told it would be impossible to build the Tesla, however through his naivety about cars, he proved them wrong. With MG’s mission statement echoed; be more bold and take more risks.

Watch this space for videos of all the sessions on the IAB’s YouTube channel. Overall, we were inspired by the speakers who taught us three main things:

1. To make mistakes, fail quickly and learn from it
2. That disruption is a mindset
3. And if you want to know the darkest secrets of a student, give them a dominoes voucher

We are looking forward to IAB’s return in November for their Nonference!