How to be an effective media agency

Paddy Adams

The recent IPA Effectiveness Awards threw up two pleasant surprises for Manning Gottlieb OMD. Firstly being awarded the Grand Prix alongside Adam & Eve/DDB for our work on John Lewis, and then being informed by the IPA that we are now the most awarded media agency in the history of the IPA Effectiveness Awards.

This prompted a moment of reflection – what is it we’ve been getting right, and how can we improve on it?

Superficially, media agencies’ contribution to effectiveness is quite straightforward – target the right people the right number of times, keep the investment levels competitive, work with great creative messages and sit back and let the plaudits come rolling in. It’s a similar view of media to one that assumes the biggest contribution media can make to ROI is to make sure the ‘I’ bit is as small as possible to get the job done.

We don’t think this captures the full story.

We think there are three areas beyond efficiency and targeting where progressive media planning can help multiply the effectiveness of campaigns. And because our industry would grind to a halt without the reassuring power of alliteration, they all begin with ‘I’…

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