Experiencing life in a London media agency – week two

Kaltun Hassan

My first week of work experience was fantastic. I got to meet some amazing people and see some really interesting work. Below are a few highlights from my week!


I got into the office refreshed after a lovely weekend and was really excited to see that a media owner was visiting the office with a VR Gaming experience which all staff were free to use. After a catch up with my team to discuss the weekly plan, it was my turn to head downstairs and have a go! The objective of the game was to destroy flying robots by shooting at them with two hand held controllers whilst wearing a full VR headset and headphones. I have never had the chance to use one before and it was so much fun, even though I lost in the first 5 minutes; I have never been that great at video games so I don’t know what I was expecting this time.

Experiencing life at a media agency - Im2 Jul 16


I started a bit earlier than usual today as I was helping the Marketing and PR team at an internal development event (Link & Learn: A closer look at Specialist Services) at the Royal Society of Arts. It was my role to direct people as they arrived and during the presentations, to be in charge of keeping the speakers to time.  As I was sat right at the front throughout the whole event I was able to listen to all of the presentations and learn a lot about the importance of departments working together to maximise efficiency. Everyone had something incredible to say and the whole experience was very interesting and insightful.


As the deadline for my articles was fast approaching and I had been out of the office the day before, I was glad to spend the day at my desk getting on with writing. I found it quite stressful at times, as I wanted to make a great impression and not let anyone down but kept getting writer’s block! Richard, the Marketing & PR exec sat with me for a while and helped me plan out the content so by the end of the afternoon it was almost complete and I felt much more confident about what I had written.


When I came into the office, I was asked to assist with a research project for the morning. The objective was to find out who was winning which awards to inform future entry strategies.  I only did a half-day today as it was my prom and I needed time to get home and get ready.  It was a lot of effort for one night and I didn’t really want to miss any time at MG OMD but I had a great time with my friends in the end.


So my time at MG OMD was almost at an end. To begin my final day, I was asked to organise the staff photos that hang at the entrance to every floor. It is really important as a first impression to visitors and to help new starters find their way around the office. Once this was complete it was the countdown to my final deadline!  I worked really hard throughout the rest of the afternoon and managed to complete the final draft and submit it to my manager.  Just before I had to say my goodbyes to everyone I had met, I sat down with the team to discuss what I’d learnt and what experience I could now put on my CV to help me in my future career.

My two weeks at MG OMD have been an incredible insight into life in an office and how it feels to work as part of a busy team. Everyone was extremely kind and I felt very welcome in the office. I feel a lot more confident about the future thanks to this experience and I think this could definitely be a job that I would like to have in the future.

If I had to pick, I would say that my favourite moments of my two weeks here were the Cannes Lions takeover and being involved in the Link and Learn event as I found it all so interesting. This was a life changing experience for me and although it’s quite upsetting that it’s already over, I’ve had a great time and I will never forget what I’ve learnt.