Giving back with Better Bankside

Jen Harris

We’ve done it again. MG OMD has once again left the comfort of our offices to hit the streets and give back to those in need. A new home means new opportunities and what better way to get to know the area than to help our new community with the Better Bankside initiative.

As last year’s gardening project was such a success we decided to put our green fingers to good use once more by doing some conservation work at Burgess Park. We all know life in London is no walk in the park, partially because it can be hard to find a park to walk in. The lack of space in London means a large percentage of its population don’t have direct access to green open space which is why Burgess Park is so important to its community, it’s literally their back garden.

Although Burgess Park is funded and basically maintained by the Council, in light of stretched budgets, they have to rely on volunteers for additional help.


Upon arrival we met with Andy and following a quick intro to the task and comprehensive health and safety briefing (yes, we promise not to throw any shears) we set to work.

The park is filled with small patches of woodland that were to be honest, a hot mess. We were tasked with clearing the areas from the eye-line down so that the park was visible through the patches. A strange objective I hear you say. Well, other than looking considerably better, the area being open and visible actually helps to make the park a safer place.

Our team of 20 spent hours pruning bushes, removing weeds and building small barriers around the wooded areas. These barriers made of all the sticks and shrubbery that we had previously chopped down were then woven into a neat line and act as a natural barrier and new home for a variety of wildlife. Some of us were luckier than others and found some vintage treasure along the way (which they refused to share) quite upsetting really as my cassette player is playing up at the moment.

By the time we were finished Andy and team were overwhelmed with how much we had achieved in one day and a number of local residents had commented on how much better the park looked, as well as expressing their gratitude for the time we had put in.

As these ‘One Day’s are proving such a success, we will now be committing to TWO this year! Bankside, watch your backs, we’re coming for you!