Best of Cannes – Day 4

Manning Gottlieb OMD

Today marks an important day for OMD at this year’s Cannes Lions…the season finale of “Wake up with Flo”! Starring OMD USA CEO John Osborn, we recap on his earlier panel with Nissan and the increasing importance of storytelling in media, as well as creative. This topic was prevalent on stage with Google stressing the power creativity has to “do incredible things not only for ourselves, our clients, their businesses but also for everything else going on in the world right now that needs our help.” With creativity at the core of Cannes Lions, we also sit down with three of this year’s jurors, OMD’s Neil Hurman and Chiara Tescari and Renault Italia’s Elisabeth Leriche. Through their experiences we get an insight to the most memorable campaigns and what learnings they’ll each be taking home to implement. For more videos and blogs from the day, including OMD Germany’s Sascha Dolling’s write up on the need to develop a coordinated interplay between marketing, sales and product range, visit cannes.omd.com and join the conversation throughout the week with #OMDCANNES

Fresh from jury duties, we sit down with three of this year’s jurors; OMD EMEA’s Neil Hurman, OMD Italy’s Chiara Tescari and Renault Italia’s Elisabeth Leriche to discuss the most memorable campaigns.

It’s time for our final “Wake up with Flo”, in which Flo sits down with OMD USA CEO John Osborn to snack on des biscuits and recap on this week’s Cannes Lions festival and the award-winning OMD work.

This morning, OMD Worldwide’s Anna Campbell went to the Palais to hear the brains behind Google Creative Lab, Robert Wong and Steve Vranakis, talk about the inspiring journey they are on to make an impact throughout the world and use creativity as a force for good.

OMDers from around the world have been joining the conversation. On the topic of Agile Commerce, OMD Germany’s Sascha Dolling defines it as successful multi-channel commerce, while OMD Sweden’s Tomas Lilja explores the overall challenging landscape of retail.

As this newsletter hits your inbox the Media Lions ceremony will be in full swing, celebrating the inspiring and innovative implementation of ideas across media. We won’t be able to share the results of the Media Lions until tomorrow’s newsletter, but let’s shine a light on a couple of campaigns that caught our judges interest:

Virgin Trains Loves Driver Rage: to reverse the decline in passenger numbers on Virgin Trains’ key routes between Birmingham and Manchester in the UK, this campaign by MG OMD targeted people when they were stuck in horrendous traffic jams, and at that point in time, hated their cars. Radio and OOH were obvious channels, as they still represent the only channels consumed while driving. What was less obvious was how to sync the message with the perfect ‘traffic jam’ moment. Using data and tech, to unlock genuinely new ways of using the mediums of radio and OOH, the campaign delivered contextual media at moments of maximum impact, resulting in route increase and ROI across radio of 15:1 and OOH of 5:1, the highest ROI of any Virgin Trains campaign on record.

Budweiser Tagwords: Budweiser is a brand that has truly become part of pop culture, and this started when the brand’s reputation grew stronger within the alternative music community, with magazines referring to Budweiser as “the alternative beer”. Being ingrained in alternative culture created an astonishing effect for Budweiser: artists who were taking their first steps, but later on became huge music icons, embraced the brand with no request or paychecks. By searching on Google, they discovered pictures of artists like Jagger, Alice Cooper, Joan Jett, Hendrix, and others, casually drinking a Bud in their time off.

Tagwords worked across different media to be able to contemplate 10 different combinations of tag words, offering the consumer a journey with complementary stories on social, media displays, OOH and even indoor media. It organically directed people to each desired result/photograph, with no need of any SEO investment. If a user searched for a specific combination, it could track it and impact it with the other combinations of tag words, thus keeping the hunt going.

Huge congratulations go out to OMD UAE and their Gold Lion in the PR category for their work on Nissan’s CSR #SheDrives campaign, and OMD USA for the McDonald’s ‘The Flip’, along with another Gold secured in the Social and Influencer category for the ‘Welcome to @Apple’ work.