A week in the life of an Apprentice

Clara Bacon

One of the most challenging life choices I’ve made was choosing to become a modern Business Apprentice over University. After achieving great A Level results and an offer from a leading University this wasn’t an easy decision.

As you can imagine, the transition was rather overwhelming to begin with, jumping from sixth form to the 9-5 working life. The biggest adjustment for me was the hours and commute, although I do enjoy having a structure/routine which was non-existent at College.

What surprised me when starting at MG OMD was the social element. My perception of work prior was very different, but once I had my first Christmas in Media this changed very quickly. This also helped eliminate the ‘fomo’ of Uni social life and made me realise how important it is to have balance and enjoy the work place.


Since starting at MG OMD I have begun to look forward to Mondays. I try and see this day as a fresh start with new objectives. And it helps to start the week with an optimistic mindset.

Off the back of this my commute includes a ‘positive’ podcast, my favourite at the moment is ‘Happy Place’ by Fearne Cotton. I was inspired to try this once I found out she was coming into the office as part of a Google @ MG OMD wellness session.

Being part of the Programmatic team, every morning begins with ‘power hour’. This involves monitoring the data from active campaigns and optimising them accordingly. This is one of the most critical parts of my role, to ensure I’m confident campaigns are performing at their best as I complete other tasks throughout the day.

The beginning of my week is predominantly reporting. This has been one of the most beneficial tasks for me so far, as it has helped me really understand why elements work/don’t work but most importantly gives me the learnings to apply across live and upcoming campaigns. Reporting has exposed me to a range of communication and collaboration with both internal and external teams, consequently it has also helped boost my confidence.

At lunch today, I attended a ‘Lunch & Learn’ session all about controlling our technology intake. I knew I would benefit attending this as my life is absorbed by it!  This session highlighted all the benefits/negatives of the tech impact on our lives even down to our emotions. My goal since leaving this workshop is to turn my phone off at least an hour before I go to sleep. I’ll see how long that lasts…


Every Tuesday, The Trade Desk ‘hot desks’ with our team, which allows me to discuss the platform and any current/upcoming campaigns. I find sitting down and talking through in person is always more beneficial. My client uses DV360 as their DSP (Demand Side Platform), however it’s been useful for me to understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of all the different DSP’s.

Today’s the day Fearne Cotton is making an appearance at MG OMD. From last week with James Haskell and Omar Meziane focusing on nutrition and physical health, to today discussing mental wellbeing and a healthy ‘balance’ with Fearne. After listening to a couple of her podcasts I was already familiar with her approach, but it was quite amazing listening to her in person. I admired how she was sincere and spoke openly about her life experiences which has shaped who she is today. Not only did I come away with a different outlook on mental wellbeing, but also her most recent book; ‘Quiet’.

On the way home today, I enjoyed starting her book, which helped distract me from my phone too!


I started this morning with some inspiration from Fearne by downloading the app ‘Fiit’ and completing 30 mins of yoga. I’ve always wanted to get into this, but thought I’d be too impatient, this morning proved me wrong.

My last report of this week was due today, so most of my time was focused on that.

Every Wednesday we have our status meeting with a variety of teams. This gives us the chance to discuss present/future campaigns and any questions we may have for them. This hour every week saves a lot of time and is more effective as it avoids the misunderstanding that can occur going back and forth on email. I also prefer face to face contact as it builds better relationships.

This evening a few of us from the Programmatic team attended a Terrarium making workshop. This was something different to do after work as a team building exercise. I found it very therapeutic and helped me unwind & focus.


Today I attended the Google Grad day at their stylish Victoria offices. It began with in-depth training on Google’s products and platforms, followed by practical work. For this, we got into teams of eight to respond to a given brief. I really enjoyed this task as I was able to work with new people from MG OMD I had never met before.


Generally, Friday mornings start with a Breakfast meeting with a different media owner each week. This is a good, interactive method for our teams to understand their offering and if they’ve had any recent updates that may affect us. At the end of this meeting there was a quiz, from which I won a Ticketmaster voucher, happy Friday!

After a good start to the day, I wanted to catch up on some apprenticeship work. It’s important for me to keep on top of this and update my monthly trackers. I also made a start on my projects which need to be completed in the next few months. I cannot believe how quickly the year has gone!

14 months on, and I can happily confirm that I made the right decision. The unique culture has made me feel involved and part of the team since the day I joined. My time at MG OMD has not only given me the opportunity to kickstart my career and gain valuable experience every day but also life-long friends and memories I will cherish.

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