10 Things We Learnt from Social Media Week at MG OMD…

Melissa Fawcett

Last week we hosted our own Social Media Week at Seymour Mews, to coincide with Social Media Week London, part of the global industry event launched in 2009.

We invited industry experts along to share their invaluable knowledge and insights, alongside our in-house social strategists and creators, who showcased some of their best work from the last year.  Below are summaries of the top ten takeaways from this year’s festivities:

1/ Brands need to engage with our identities, as well as our interests.

Brands are gradually beginning to target social users more holistically, based on consumer’s identities and personal narratives, not just ‘likes’ and interests. This means they can be targeted with content that fits into the picture they have of themselves, not because it’s something they’re loosely interested in.


2/ Be platform specific.

Each social channel has it’s own specifications, so content needs to be designed to maximise the real estate and unique channel formats. That means using vertical video on Snapchat, using GIFs – which autoplay – on Twitter and using a single continuous image on a Facebook Carousel (below).


3/ Social content doesn’t need to be complicated.

Live-streamed exploding watermelons and melting ice creams captivate audiences. Content doesn’t need to be complex and multifaceted, if your purpose is to entertain and this fits with your brand.


Source: tubefilter.com


 4/ Pinterest isn’t a traditional social media platform.

Its primary purpose isn’t to connect with friends and loved ones; it’s a social discovery platform. Consumers use Pinterest for offline inspiration, either for big life moments or every day moments, so content needs to be created for that purpose specifically.

 5/ Think like a consumer.

Users approach social channels with very different mind frames, so brands need to target their content accordingly. Twitter revealed that consumers are more likely to retain video ad content when we’re using a discovery channel like Twitter, compared to a search engine like YouTube.

 6/ Mobile attention spans drops off after just 3 seconds.

According to Facebook’s Creative Shop, Brands need to be front-loading their video content to ensure consumers keep watching after the initial 3 seconds. That way, they’re more likely to watch 10 seconds, if not the whole video.


Source: socialmediatoday.com http://www.socialmediatoday.com/marketing/mobile-use-attention-spans-and-how-reach-next-generation-social-customers

7/ Social platforms are there to be subverted.

Social platform ‘hacks’ which play with the UX design of the platform are becoming increasingly common for brands to use, because they’ve been proven to outperform traditional static imagery or video content. This could be a video post that appears to reach out and hit the ‘like’ button, or an object that ‘moves’ between Instagram posts.

URL link: https://twitter.com/StarbucksUK/status/643673112874127360

8/ Predict trends, don’t piggyback on them.

Our social insight experts explained how they’re using social listening to tap into small conversations and map those onto previous trends, to predict future trends and conversations. By accurately predicting the next big thing, brands can get there before anyone else.


Source: Vine

9/ VR, but not for VR’s sake.

Virtual reality needs to create new and inspiring experiences, not simply be used to prove that brands are keeping up with the latest tech. Dreams of Dali, for example, gives the unrivalled experience of being able to walk into Dali’s world, which would otherwise be impossible.


Source: YouTube

 10/ Save your best assets for social.

Whilst designing content for social works best, it doesn’t mean that your brilliant TVC’s and long form assets need to be forgotten about. TV ads, for example, can be re-edited and re-cut with subtitles added, to make them more engaging for the social newsfeed.

The above are just a few of the many fascinating topics that we discussed and were inspired by over the week. Take a look at our blog for more insights into Social Media Week at Manning Gottlieb OMD, or search #MGOMDSOCIAL on Twitter.